What makes TreeGrow
different from competitors?

The super-absorbent hydrogels contained in TreeGrow are acrylamide-free and can absorb ~300 times their own weight in water. They are manufactured in Germany and imported by Promak. They also attract plant-beneficial microbes which has been shown in peer-reviewed scientific publications. This is likely caused by their high cationic exchange capacity which attracts microorganisms similar to a plant root. These hydrogels are 100% biodegradable and non-toxic.

Spongolite is a unique mineral of fossilised sponges. Porous in nature, it also holds water but more importantly, it binds anions such as nitrate and phosphate which are retained in the root zone of the growing sapling that can access it.

Our slow-release fertiliser has been specifically designed to provide the nutrient requirements for native container nursery, landscaping and revegetation applications. The nutrients and trace elements concentrations are particularly suited for the sandy soils of Western Australia. Our slow-release fertiliser offers an 8 - 9 month release.

TreeGrow improves soil aggregation

Unlike other products, TreeGrow improves soil aggregation. When the super-absorbent hydrogels in TreeGrow start soaking up water, they aggregate with the surrounding soil. At the surface, these aggregates are stable against rainfall and water movement limiting the impact of surface erosion near your tree. Deeper in the soil, the hydrogel-soil aggregates create hotspots of microbial activity that in turn interact with tree roots benefiting overall plant health and nutrition.

Give it a try!

With TreeGrow you will only need to water once a week to have a happy, healthy tree.


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