A specifically formulated blend!

TreeGrow is a soil conditioner consisting of a specifically formulated blend of super-absorbent hydrogels, spongolite, and slow release fertiliser for better establishment, nutrition, and survival of trees. After addition to soil, TreeGrow helps capture and store more water as both the super-absorbent hydrogels and the spongolite soak up water like, well, sponges. This helps trees survive extended periods of drought until their own root system is able to support them. The hydrogels have a high cationic exchange capacity while spongolite binds anions. This means the nutrients released from the slow release fertiliser are retained in the root zone and not lost due to drainage.

Nutrients and Trace Elements

Element Element Description Concentration
N Nitrogen 1.80 %
P Phosphorus 0.13 %
K Potassium 1.57 %
Mg Magnesium 0.05 %
S Sulphur 0.06 %
Fe Iron 0.01 %


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